Tandem Creperie and Coffeehouse

Delicious crêpes, friendly staff, and lots of dog friendly seating. Yes this may be my favorite brunch spot.

tandem creperie & coffeehouse

Tandem may be my favorite brunch spot in Greenville. The staff are great, the coffee is delicious, and who doesn’t love crêpes? I do. I love crêpes. And if you do too, then head to Tandem for your brunch fix.

Now of course I also love Tandem because they have some great dog friendly seating. There are three different areas you can sit in – the inside, the porch, and the outdoor picnic tables. And dogs are allowed at the picnic tables AND on the porch.

You usually don’t even have to wait extra to get a dog friendly table. Even on the really crowded days.

And Tandem is crowded. If you go there during the week, there may be a slight line depending on the weather and day, but usually no more than a couple minutes.

But the weekends is a whole other beast. You’ll usually be waiting in a 20 minute line minimum. The only good part about this slow moving line is that once you order, you’ll get your seat quickly and then get your food fast as well.

They handle these crowds in the best way and keep the ordering process tight. First when you arrive, you’ll line up outside the super cute yellow van. This is where they take orders and give you your table number.

This is the yellow van you’ll order at (line and register window on the other side).

Now important – you cannot sit at a table until after you’ve ordered. They literally assign you a table when you order. There’s no “saving” tables here. But trust me, it works.

Then after you order, you’ll make your way to your table. After I’ve sat down, I’ve literally not waited longer than 5 minutes before my crêpes arrive.

Now onto the crêpes. They are delicious. They’re broken down into two main categories: savory and sweet. I like them all. And if I’m with someone, we usually each get a savory crêpe and then split a sweet one.

On my last visit I got the Sausage Potato. And then split the seasonal key lime pie crêpe with my partner. SO GOOD!

Definitely look at the menu on your phone while waiting in line but don’t forget about the seasonal items that are displayed on the side of the van near the register.

If crêpes aren’t your thing, they also have waffles and granola. (But who doesn’t love crêpes??)

Lastly Tandem serves Counter Culture coffee and its delicious. But if coffee’s not your jam (and I’m a one cup kind of girl), they have sodas, Buchi kombucha, orange juice, and tea. Water jugs are at every table.

Dogs are allowed at the picnic tables outside (near the van) as well as on the covered porch. You’ll have to (quickly) walk through the dining room inside to get to the porch.

There are a couple of spots right outside of Tandem, but it’s a very small lot. Don’t park in one of the spots for the neighboring businesses because you will get towed. I often don’t even look in the lot and head straight for the public parking lot a block away.

Turn north on Center Street at Tandem’s intersection and you’ll see a parking lot on your left just a block away.

2 S. Main Street in Travelers Rest (it’s on the main road through Travelers Rest across from Sunrift Adventures)

Open everyday: 7am-3pm

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