Discover the Best Dog Friendly Breweries in Greenville SC

Discover all the breweries in Greenville, SC that allow you to bring your dogs inside!

double stamp brewery dog friendly

Breweries + dogs = . And I especially love any brewery that welcomes dogs indoors. Because when it’s July or January, I don’t want to be stuck out on a patio either sweating my face off or freezing and shivering. So here are all of the dog friendly breweries in Greenville, SC that welcomes dogs inside.

These breweries all have one major thing in common. They all don’t have a dedicated kitchen. Because if you have a kitchen onsite, then you can’t have dogs indoors.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t have food. It just means it might be in the form of a food truck. Or you can order food from a business next door. I often find these options to be more diverse and interesting than having a regular “menu” at the brewery.

The dog friendly breweries below are organized by their distance from downtown Greenville.

Discover All the Breweries in Greenville, SC

Indoor Dog Friendly Breweries

Liability Brewing

Liability Brewing in greenville sc

West Stone Avenue (North Main)
Moe’s Barbecue and World Piece next door

Located in my old neighborhood of North Main, Ellie and I love Liability. They have around a dozen or so beers on tap – all are good. Plus the staff is so friendly!

Tetrad Brewing

tetrad brewing in greenville sc

Downtown along Stone Avenue
Food trucks sometimes

Below Half Moon Outfitters, Tetrad always has some good beer on tap (plus even some from other breweries). Plus the inside is much bigger than it appears. Follow them on Instagram to see their food truck schedule.

Double Stamp Brewery

double-stamp brewing in greenvile sc

On Laurens Road near downtown
Home Team BBQ & Greektown Express next door

This 90’s themed brewery has quickly become a favorite. They have a rooftop patio, plus come in on Tuesday with your dog for Pup Tuesdays and grab $5 pint.

Carolina Bauernhaus

Carolina Bauernhaus in greenville sc

West Village
Snacks available & sometimes a food truck.

With a beautiful covered porch (complete with hammocks), Ellie loves this dog friendly brewery. They have great sour beer and some snack available. Plus food trucks on the weekends.

Shoeless Brewing

shoeless brewing in greenville sc

Mauldin Rd near August Rd
No food

This is small brewery that shares a building with a home brew supply store – Grapes & Grains. But the beers are numerous and unique. And if it’s busy, you can bet there are a few dogs inside (just be sure to keep them off the furniture here).

Swamp Rabbit Brewery

swamp rabbit brewery

Travelers Rest
Food trucks sometimes

If you’re in Travelers Rest with your dog, there’s no better place to stop in. The beers (like the Raspberry Wit) are fantastic. They have a decent sized taproom and a back (covered porch).

Golden Grove Farm & Brew

golden grove farm and brew

Along I-85 in Piedmont, SC
Full menu

A small, but great little find. They actually have a full menu, but since the operation is separate (like a building inside a building), the brewery is still dog friendly. Plus there’s a (very hard) disc golf course out back.

birds fly south in greenville sc

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